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I was born in 1955, in a picturesque town in Southern Italy, where I lived with my parents and eight sisters. Of the nine children in our family, I was the youngest.

In 1972, I migrated to Perth, Australia to start a new life with more opportunities available. Although I did not know a word of English, I was able to pick it up through night classes and work. Over the years I have done a variety of jobs - the main one was bricklaying - and won awards for my work. 

I married my wife in 1979 and we now have two children and two grandchildren. Even though in the past I had a fear of dogs, now I have a passion for Dobermanns. I currently have a female and male, which compete in agility and other dog related sports. I am also passionate about karate and have gained my black belt 3rd Dan and was pleasantly surprised at the spirituality that resides deep within the art. I am now embracing the beauty of body awareness, acceptance and letting go through yoga.

Over the years, I have learnt the hard way that my health and fitness are strong essentials in my life. I have endured two back operations, suffering chronic pain and being told I was going to end up in a wheel chair at age 55.

When I turned fifty I ran my first marathon, later running others including many short distance ones.

There have been events in my life that have challenged my core values and structures. These have served me to better understand  the duality that resides in all of us.  

For the past fifteen years I have done many self improvement courses and in the process have written two books: one is an ebook of photos and quotes and the other is a book about myself and my family and the challenges I have dealt with. 

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Rocco Caratozzolo, AuthorRocco Caratozzolo, Author